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Acid Factory
Pixelart illustrations for Flash game, developed by
You can play the game at Miniclip website.

Title screen

Well done
"Sheep Mania: Barnyard Dash" game preview
Preview of game project for handhelds from "Sheep Mania" series. Developed by Progressive Media

Summer theme

Winter theme

League select
"Grimm's Hatchery"
Pets, characters, items and various assets design and art for game developed by Amaranth Games

Art for Throneroom characters

Art for willage characters
and items

Art for Uptown characters
and items

Logo design

Pets and predators
Huge game for handhelds based on official "Slinky" brand. Whole graphic set including 5 different themed environments. Developed by Progressive Media

Egypt theme

China theme

Toys theme

City theme
Wallbreaker 2 Reloaded: The diamond of Zorg
Complete graphic for Breakout-style game for handhelds. Developed by Progessive Media

Title screen

Map screen

Genie character

Score screen

Castle level

Pyramids level
Complete graphic for Ufo:Aftershock game remake for mobile phones.
All game graphic was heavily optimized for low-performance j2me mobile devices.
Developed by RedBoss

ingame 01

ingame 02

ingame 03

ingame 04
Mobile game, developed for CSP-mobile

Front screen

Level end

Game over

Game won

In-game 1

In-game 2
Clockwork Rian
Project for gaming hanhelds.

Intro picture 1

Intro picture 2

Intro picture 3

New mockup screen 1

New mockup screen 2
Deep Sea
Mobile game developed for CSP-mobile
The gallery show only fullscreen game images and level backgrounds that made the commission.
All in-game graphic was heavily optimized for low-performance j2me mobile devices.

Game won

Game over

Level 1 mockup

Level 2 mockup

Level 3 mockup
Roboros 1, 2, 3
Mobile game gfx for game series developed by Inlogic company
Game graphic was heavily optimized for low-performance j2me mobile devices.

Front screen

Mockup of CPU level

Mockup of
GraphicCard level

Mockup of
CD-burner level

Euroleague Basketball 2006
Mobile game graphic developed for RedBoss company
Features screens from both J2me s40 and s60 game versions.

Game front screen

In-game s60 version

In-game s60 version

s40 version

s40 version
"Jack" game preview
Simple Atomix-style puzzle game developed by Digital Monks as sample project for MS Smartphone devices. Including PC port - the front screen from it is available below.

Full PC ver.
Front screen

Screen from
Smartphone ver.

"Hob" project sample
Sample project, testing different styles for hi-resolution 2d arcade games.

Scr from test 01

Scr from test 02
"Kometa" ("The Comet")
30 min. educational movie for children.
Made with LightWave3d, Photoshop and Aura software.

Still 1

Still 2

Still 3

Animated sample [1.45Mb]
mpeg4x codec
various projects

TrainTycoon splash
sample for RedBoss

Design for pool game for CSP-mobile

DarkAngels splash
screen for

Icons design for 'BloodArmy' game

PalMaster2 crazy app logo

Room concept design for adventure game

Level art design for SciFi arcade game

Level mockup for arcade game

Shot 1 from adventure game

Shoot 2 from adventure game.
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