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"Haunted castle"
Full feature Point'n'click adventure game developed for Silcom multimedia.

Intro: happyland

Intro: magical storm

Game's main menu

Haunted kitchen ;)

Run for your life!

Secret chamber

In the well

Clockwork mini-game

More gears - belltower

Fantasy classic - dungeon!

Final fight anim

Defeat of evil witch
"Shock Killer" game
Models from 3d First Person Shooter game. Made in LightWave3d.
Developed by Zima Software company.


Barrel & Hazard suit


Non textured
"Kometa" ("The Comet")
30 min. educational movie for children.
Made with LightWave3d, Photoshop and Aura software.

Still 1

Still 2

Still 3

Animated sample [1.45Mb]
mpeg4x codec
3d generated images and 3d objects for various projects

Sample 3d character

Car miniature

CG character samples for multimedia project. Whole scene.


Formula 1 game model. 2000
All media are © PixelLive